Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Week Of Craziness

It has been a week for crazy, but it was definitely enjoyable. My parents made it out for a visit to Las Vegas on Wednesday and stayed through this morning for Mother's Day. I haven't seen my mom on Mother's Day in almost four years, so this was very important to me, especially considering she is my best friend.
YardHouse for a Pre-Mother's Day Dinner

A Beautiful Day at the Park with my Amazing Parents

Because you can't have a picnic in a park without a barefoot picture-I have the purple polish (and the cigarettes are my dad's NOT MINE!)

Another Family YardHouse Picture from Later that Evening

Me and My Amazing Husband Without Whom I Don't Know What I Would Do

When you have visitors in from out of town, the training schedule usually suffers (I need to get better at being committed even when people are in town.) I did however give myself permission to indulge which probably wasn't a great idea considering I am now sitting here, writing this blog, and feeling like I look like the female version of the Michelin Man. It's okay though, I know most of it is bloat, but right now, it doesn't make me feel any better.

Not working out was both bad and good. Bad because now I feel guilty and mad at myself for overeating not good for you food, but good because it allowed me to give me shin some more time off. Yes, those damn shin splits are still plaguing me. I haven't ran since last Saturday and I'm going through some major withdrawals, not to mention I'm terrified that all the progress I made running went out the window. I did get a spin class in on Tuesday with a friend and it was great, but it just wasn't the same. I so badly just want to lace up my shoes and head out my door. Monday evening I did some strength training which I had been meaning to work into my running routine anyway to help me run better and hopefully build more strength so that I'm less injury prone.

The foam roller and ice have been my best friends the past few weeks. Unfortunately, although I was hoping a one week break from running would be enough, especially since yesterday I was unable to pin point the areas on both of my shins that normally hurt, it does not appear that that will be the case. The hubby and I decide to talk a walk around the forum shops this morning and after a couple hours of walking, although my shins didn't hurt, I was still able to once again pin point the area that they hurt the most. Sigh. I guess it's another week without running. I'm hopefully going to get a new pair of running shoes this week which I know will ultimately help, but I won't really be able to use them until my shins are healed and at this rate, it feels like that might be forever from now. Oh well. :-/

This Quote Right Here, Explains Perfectly Why I Am So Frustrated That I Can't Run.

That being said, since I'm down for the count running, I've decided to start incorporating P90X3 into my workouts. The plan is to ultimately incorporate the program into my running regimen, but until then I'll likely just do it in conjunction with a twice weekly spin class or something of the sort. I'll ideally be posting progress updates every few days to keep everyone posted on the goings ons and how I'm liking the program.

Yeah Baby!

I Will Likely End Up Following a Plan Similar to This When I can Start Running Again

As for reading, sadly, Saturday I had to turn in the ten library books I had borrowed (but was only able to read four of them because other books kept getting in the way- they tend to do that a lot the damn things lol) and I have not read one bit since my parents arrived on Wednesday night. I'll be able to get back into the swing of that tomorrow most likely, and so yes, I'm still on The Serial Killer Whisperer by Pete Early. It's very disturbing, unlike anything I've read, non-fiction, and if it weren't for me having out of town guests, unputdownable. Along with that I'm also re-reading my way through Nora Robert's entire list starting with the earliest and am up to Her Mother's Keeper, I'm reading A Game of Thrones~ George R. R. Marting, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay~ Michael Chabon, 1Q84~ Haruki Murakami, Absalom Absalom!~William Faulkner and I just finished Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde- good book, just not what I expected. I can never just read one book at a time, there are just too many in the world to be able to do that!

Well as this was a five day recap, I'll leave you all the rest of your evening, until next time…

Happy Running and Happy Reading!

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