Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Week of Excitement

Well, I finally got myself some new running shoes. I had my coach fit me and as it turns out, I have a low arch and I pronated so that all of my pressure hits the outer edges of my feet and apparently I'm also a size 8.5 not an 8 (at least in running shoes). The new shoes are amazingly comfy. We went with the Saucony ProGrid Guide 6.
Aren't they pretty? I love them! After a week and a half off of running I took them to the treadmill and ran a slow/easy 2 miles 10:50/mile pace with minimal pain. Yes, I still had pain, but it's been a long time since it was that minimal. When I started feeling it (around mile 1.25), I stepped it back and let it subside and then finished the last half a mile at a run with no pain. My shins are still tight and they were a little sore to touch afterward but I've been foam rolling and ice massaging every night and it seems to help.

I actually get to try my hand at training again for the first time since taking off, I'm hoping coach gives me a bit easier plan to follow than everyone else so that I don't strain them and end up not being able to run again, but I'm just so ecstatic to be able to run with my group again.

I'm also scheduled for day 4 of p90x3 tonight and so far I like it. The workouts are hard and I definitely feel them the next day, but overall I think because the workouts are kept at 30 minutes instead of 75, it makes the program seem a bit easier to get through and I'm enjoying it so far.

Last night I also received some very exciting news, but I'm not able to share quite yet because it's not 100% certain at this point. However, once I get the okay, I will definitely be sharing. I'm seriously so excited and can't wait to let you all know!

Until next time!

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